Troop 918 is sponsored by Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.  Our goal is to develop Godly young men of great character with a heart of service for others and knowledge and respect for the outdoors.

The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most secure environment possible for its youth members. To maintain such an environment, the BSA has developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies, and provides parents and leaders the following online and print resources for all scouting progams.  For more information please visit: www.ocbsa.org/youth-protection/

It's Popcorn Time!

Posted on Oct 4 2015 - 6:30am
Did you receive a popcorn flyer in the mail? DON'T throw it away! Instead, start selling popcorn! Didn't get one? See the attached Order Form.
Troop 918 will be participating in Take Orders only - that means each Scout is asked to sell popcorn on their own. Ask you friends, family, neighbors, etc!
Commission generated from popcorn sales helps the troop financially so a high quality scouting program can be provided, as well as purchasing any necessary tools and equipment. Please note, Troop 918 does not participate in the Wings of Exploration GCC/Keller Marketing prizes offered.
Popcorn sales begin immediately, and end on October 26, 2015.
Support your troop - sell popcorn!
In Christ, in Scouting,

Valerie Kester

Troop 918 Popcorn Kernel

Backpack Camping in October

Posted on Sep 20 2015 - 8:11pm

October Camping (Oct,17-18)

Spruce Grove Trail Camp lies along Winter Creek in the canyon adjacent to Sturtevant Falls. The trails begin from Chantry Flats and passes a waterfall along the 4.25-mile out-and-back hike through a lush canyon with 700 feet of elevation change.


IF YOU DON'T HAVE GEAR BUT WANT TO GO, WE CAN GET LOANER GEAR FOR YOU.  Contact Mr. Klein to make arrangements (kleinds@gmal.com).


  • $10 per Scout  No cost to adults.
  • Purchase and bring your own personal food and trail snacks  (that can be cheap and easy. Hey, you're going to eat this weekend at camp or at home, right? So really )
  • Have some cash in pocket for Sunday lunch on the way home.

To register or for more information click here

Easy Fund Raising with Ralph’s Grocery Stores

Posted on Sep 13 2015 - 12:36am
The new Ralph's Fundraisin Year starts TODAY!!!

Register your card on-line or in-store to support our Troop simply by purchasing food!

Do you have family that lives elsewhere in the country? The can register to support us with their Community Contributions card from Kroger, FredMeyer, Dillons and other stores owned by The Kroger Co.


RALPH'S REQUIRES ANNUAL RESUBMITION - Even if you've signed up before, each September Ralph’s requires customers to re-register their card to their chosen charity to receive the donations.  Please either register or re-register your Ralph’s Club Card to Troop 918 now!

There are three ways to register:

  1. You can print this letter and have the cashier scan it when you checkout.  That's it, super simple!  This will attach your Club Card to our Troop.  If you register with this method, the name “Troop 918” will NOT appear on the bottom of your grocery receipt.
  2. Ask the cashier to scan this barcode. Some phone screens will scan and some will not... hey if you're already at the store, it's worth a try, right.  If you register with this method, the name “Troop 918” will NOT appear on the bottom of your grocery receipt.

  3. If you have your Club Card barcode number, you can register on Ralph’s web site:
It’s Extraordinary fundraising from ordinary purchases, just scan your Ralph’s Club Card!

Merit Badge Day and Backpacking

Posted on Sep 13 2015 - 12:36am

Troop 918 Merit Badge Day 2015
I have some exciting news.  We have been able to set a date on the church calendar for our 2015 Merit Badge Day event.  As you know, our Merit Badge Day is our troop’s major fundraiser each year bring in several thousand dollars annually that has been used to support troop expenses and augment the cost of Scouts attending summer camp. For example, Emerald Bay was subsidized $125 per scout this year down to $499 from the true cost of $624. We’ve also purchased tents, upgraded other equipment, and not to forget patches, patches and more patches.  

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, October 10, 2015.  I’m currently in the process of submitting our application paperwork with the Orange County Scout Council.  There will be more information to follow and YOUR HELP WILL BE NEEDED to make this a successful  event, so keep an eye out for more information to follow.  In the mean time, please mark your calendar for October 10th!  With some new policies from council, I believe that we will need even more adults than we have in the past. I’m sure we’ll all make it happen.  You can register now your intent to help support this important event by following this link: http://troop918.com/node/2426  


October Backpacking
This schedule requires us to move out previously planned backpack camping back one week.  The  new date for the October backpack trip will be Sat-Sun, Oct 17-18.  Please update your calendar. Backpacking meal preparation is one of the requirements for the Eagle required Cooking Merit Badge.  You can sign up now for that event at http://troop918.com/node/2271  Details are few at this point but you can plan on a Sat morning departure and midSunday return. Backpacking is typically a very cheap camping event.  I’ll update the details as PLC works out a few answers.

Troop Pictures

Posted on Aug 23 2014 - 9:15pm

Did you see our pictures from Summer Camp.  If not, go to our private Facebook group and request to join.  Once approved, you can see all of our pictures from camp.  We'll approve known people and your relatives if you vouch for them.


Be in the KNOW - Receive Troop Text Messages

Posted on Jun 28 2014 - 12:09am

Weekly emails...  Special announcements...  Detail updates...  Last-minute changes... Arrival back at church after a great event

This all works best when BOTH parents and their Scout are receiving all the communications!

Sign up for our text service!

Please sign up for our new, more secure, texting service using one of the links below.

By federal law, you will receive a text asking you to confirm your subscription.  Just respond to that text and you're set.